Saturday, June 26, 2010

My life

My mom recently came out to visit and brought a bunch of my old things (ie stuff she wants out of her house after 16 years of me not living there) like books and a box of things from when I was younger. I was going through that box and found things like the book I was published in, a certificate for a story I wrote, my high school diploma and my graduating cap from college and my sash and that made me realize that I am MORE than a mom and wife. I think I had lost a bit of that along the way taking care of everyone else in my life. Now don't get me wrong I love my family but as a stay at home mom you really never have "just a minute" to yourself. So here I am.

Unfortunately my "just a minute" time is about to expand to about 8 hours of alone time. Yep 8 HOURS all to my self! My youngest is starting Kindergarten in August and then it's just me. Me! I am freaked out. Sad some days that my baby girl is growing up and happy others that I can go grocery shopping in 30 minutes (of course I will be talking to myself the whole time!).

Everyone asks what I will do in my "spare" time. Of course us stay at home moms KNOW there isn't really any "spare" time as now you have a short amount of time to pack all that stuff into! Cleaning the house without interruptions? Heavenly! Although I think I hear my books calling my name...hehehe Seriously though, I plan on volunteering as much as I can in the school and swimming and trying to volunteer at our local library here. Not sure what else. I guess I will wait and see what comes up.

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