Saturday, November 27, 2010

My son's Conference....

Ok. Let me first start out. My son is curious.  I mean REALLY curious.  He lies awake at night thinking of things. How do I know this? Because he will come downstairs at 9pm asking me questions he's thought about in the past hour he's supposed to be sleeping. Sometimes as soon as I wake up he has a question for me.  Most of the times it's cute...sometimes it's not.  I love his curiosity and the fact he is sooo eager to learn.  Unfortunately his knowledge and curiosity spill over into school.  Sometimes that is not such a good thing.

Last year we had "issues" with him being "impulsive" and "high active" and "lots of energy". His K teacher we kept in close contact with, since he had trouble waiting.  She assured us it should get better when he hit 1st grade.  It did...sort of. Now he has trouble keeping his thoughts and ideas and information to himself. What can I say? He likes to share!  We had an early in the year conference with his teacher on why he kept getting lower colors.  He has trouble raising his hand and calling out. She kept telling us he is a bright kid, a great kid, so much information in his head he likes to share. BUT he also likes to be first, the best, answer all the time etc.  We gave him a notepad (why does that work at school but not at home) so he could write out his thoughts instead of interrupting (and sneakily getting him to work on handwriting).  So now instead of interrupting class (he went 3 whole days raising his hand! YEAH!) he is using his stubbornness to say "no" and "I don't want to". Other than that he is extremely intelligent like his younger sister and loves to learn...just only wants to learn things HE wants to and not necessarily things that are on the agenda.

He is asking me about negative numbers and how multiplication and division works.  He uses big words but has no focus in his writing. He loves to read to younger kids so we are going to try a mentoring thing for him and a kid in K.  The thing I thought was funny about both the kids teachers is that they both said sometimes when I am talking to them I forget that I am not talking to my best friend.  That is what makes a mother proud...2 mature, intelligent kids ready to take on the world.  :)

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