Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Con permisso en Miami

I really wasn't sure what to put as a title as swearing in Spanish probably wasn't a good idea. Started the day off early by dropping Carlos off at work then me and the kidlets started getting ready to head to Miami Children's Museum. The day was looking GREAT! Followed the directions of the GPS properly to the museum and saw...2 school buses pulling up! Ok no reason to panic...it's a big museum right? Tried to figure out the parking (you pay for how much time you think you will be there and add on later...if you go remember to check your parking space number!) and paid (Yeah military discount!). So we tried to do some of the activities but were overrun by the 2 camps...the leaders were sitting around TEXTING. And of course all the kids spoke only Spanish and forgot their "con permisso".

So I pulled up my Rican Spanish and tried to speak without swear words (very hard since my patience was being tried). My biggest pet peeve I think is being rude...I mean does it really take that much to say "excuse me!"? I digress. The museum was good just wish they would have a kids camp day so us lowly stay at home moms can enjoy the museum without getting things taken away by the day care kids...or I guess they were "camp" kids. Just choose one day a week and have the camps come. It's hard to see your kids being polite and trying to take turns etc and then look confused once kids start grabbing and shoving. Anyway, enough of that! I will post pics of everything once I get back to MD.

So after the museum (2 hours seemed pretty good) we left and tried to get back to the hotel. I say tried as we drove around the airport and adjoining area for a good 30 minutes while the GPS kept vaguely saying "stay on this road" (there were 3 split offs of the road) and "keep right". Kids were actually talking about kicking the GPS out of the car at one point. Got to Wendys' and then hit Walmart for last minute school supplies (anyone know where I can get a PLASTIC folder with no binders or holes??).

Oh the museum was pretty cool. They have a new dinosaur exhibit that Liberty for some reason forgot that they were extinct and was afraid for a couple minutes. The crane one was cool too. I think the one in Baltimore is bigger and better but has older stuff. Tomorrow I think we are going to try and hit Key Biscayne.....

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