Monday, July 12, 2010

I miss nice people

Ok, so being a former active duty military wife we moved around. Since meeting my husband I have lived in 7 places including where we are right now. This is our "first" home that's not an apartment or government housing and it's great! I love where we are located (close to our nations capital) and the history around here is amazing...and I am totally not a history buff! BUT...yes there's a big but here...I think the people here are the rudest most unhelpful people I have ever met! Some may call this "the South" but believe me it is NOT! I have lived in the South and the people here are definitely not exuding any southerness at all. I love our townhouse but can generally say I am not a fan of most people from this state. No one says excuse me or offers to help. Where we live there is no real sense of neighborliness...just people putting their heads down and can't even say hello. I know alot of the Southern and Japanese "politeness" is a face but I'd take that over the rudeness of this area. I miss nice people!

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