Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacation with the Family

So I've been on a hiatus. Headed down to Tampa with the family after my husband got back from a TDY as a civilian (CHA-CHING!). I was honestly kinda nervous. The last "vacation" we had was to visit family in PR and that was a disaster. DH and I were on the brink of something awful, Buddy was stressed I think because we were stressed and kept throwing horrible fits and had some bowel problems and honestly is visiting family REALLY a vacation?? So just about a year later we tried it again. No family visiting, just us as a whole family. We decided to drive as then we'd have a car and we were also going to head to Miami for Carlos to do some of his IDTs for his reserve stuff. It went great! The drive was relaxing and we were able to stop to pee and stretch our legs whenever we wanted! No arguments or tense conversations...just us enjoying each others company. Yes Buddy did play Super Mario DS for 10 hours (hey it kept him quiet!) and Liberty drew and colored and watched movies. Carlos and I had some great conversations and even better silences. Even getting stuck on I-95 in NC didn't phase us. I was starting to feel better.

So we got to Tampa and were sooo antsy to get to the condo....on the beach! Madeira Beach is where we stayed and it was HEAVEN! Since Carlos and I have been together we've ALWAYS lived within 5 minutes of the beach. Living where we do now I have been going through withdrawals...even the trip or two to Rehoboth doesn't satisfy this longing, this emptiness I feel when I don't have the smell of sea on my skin and seeing the blue green waters. Yes I know I sound like an addict and I am! I am addicted to the white sands, waves crashing beach! When we pulled into our parking spot under our building I almost cried. It was beautiful! I got out of the car and the smell hit me. I kept deep breathing just to get it in my system. The view from our condo was just as fabulous....5th floor sitting on the balcony with a book in hand just listening to the beach. Dolphins playing in the morning or evening. Pelicans and herons to watch. I didn't want to leave. And surprising enough...neither did anyone else. It's a big step for our son. Last year all Buddy could talk about was going back home and when we were doing that. This year he cried when we had to leave and asked if we could come back. That's a big step for us to overcome in a year.

Now we are in Miami and Carlos is in work mode. Kids and I are hoping to hit a beach here and maybe the Seaquarium...but I think that Madeira Beach will be the one we remember the most..the one that really started a new chapter in our lives.

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