Monday, July 12, 2010

I found some nice people!

Ok today really showed me there ARE some great people still out there in this world! I found some nice people! So me and the kidlets were out hitting Costco getting ready for the Big Man to come home tomorrow when I got gas then noticed a pool of pink fluid under the car. Earlier the A/C light was flashing so I thought "Shit the A/C has gone out!" we I frantically tried to call my husband (who's taking an oil vacation in NOLA) and when that failed decided to drive...well that lasted all of 2 minutes as soon as I turned the car on and drove not even .5 mile I noticed the temperature gauge was almost to the red 'H' and quickly turned into a plaza parking lot and shut off the engine. Now I was REALLY freaking out. So after my husband called and got me calmed down (kidlets are in the back chillin' and buggin' each other) I called our fabulous insurance company who hooked us up with a tow truck and racked my brain who to call to come get us.

I decided to call a neighbor across the street who I knew was home and guess what....he came to help us! He is FABULOUS! My husband is gone and he cut our grass so he won't have to worry about it when he gets home...then he comes and helps us out. 'He is good people' as a friend of mine would say. So while we are waiting for our ride and tow truck the kids are getting hot (as am I) and I decide to go hit some stores for cooler air. The place where I found another FANTASTIC human being is The Yankee Candle Store. I will disclaim I don't buy the things nor do I work for them so this is all unbiased. And no they didn't pay me anything to plug their store. This lady was soooo nice. Not the gaggy sweet way but just a good person. She talked to the kids smelled candles with them and when she realized that we were stranded she offered to watch the kids (which I had to decline) while I dealt with the tow truck. Then after the guy left with our car (and we were waiting on our neighbor) we huddled in front of the store during a storm and she came out and offered for us to come inside (I declined since we had a car seat with us) and then she offered the use of her restroom AND gave the kids candy (and she even said as long as I said it was ok).

So there you have it I found 2 decent human beings in one day....wonder what I will find tomorrow...YIKES!

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  1. Awww yea for nice people!!! Isn't it such a breath of fresh air when you finally realize that there are still some of those around!!! So glad you found some during such a stressful time!!!