Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why are automechanics ripoffs?

Ugh so in continuation with yesterdays saga....I get a phone call right after my husband landed and was told the repairs would be $2177...he said the part was only $200 and the labor was the most expensive part. He told me he called around and got the same quote. So for some reason that didn't sit well with me and I called the dealership...they quoted me a price $1162! almost $1000 difference? I mean come on. So I called them back and they were in shock. Long story short, DH ended up waiting 3 hours for another tow truck to come and take the car to the dealer (aren't using THAT tow place anymore). Another nice person alert! THey gave us free rental and said it could be done by tomorrow. So husband is home and we are all sort of happy. Just hoping for good news tomorrow and then getting ready for vacation....so can anyone tell me why they tried to rip us off???

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