Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A sigh of relief

We got the car back! And we didn't have to pay out the butt for it! I want to go over to Firestone and stick it in their faces but I am a lady and will just write a scathing comment to their customer service. Oh I did write one to Yankee Candle and they sent me something very nice back. I hope the lady that helped us out gets a nice bonus or something! I wish I could go there and get some candles but I can't. The smell of scented candles burning gives me a headache! No matter what the scent it really bothers me. Like an awful horrible (NOT a migraine thank goodness...I get enough of those!) headache and my nose gets stuffy. I can do scented oils though...very LIGHTLY scented oils. Speaking of that it reminds me of when DH and I were young and childless we used to spend our money on odd incense! I remember we had this fancy incense holder and used to go out and buy the best kinds and light it up...we would get excited about new smells they had. And new holders. Now I have NO idea where they went (probably someone snatched them in a move). Or why we got so excited about something like that. Now we just get excited about new Star Wars Toys we can get "for the kids to play with" yeah right! ;)

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  1. I am SO glad I read this before I invited you over! I've been known to burn scented candles, although I prefer my Febreeze plug-ins. :) Glad you got the car back!